Little Green Chuckbox, 12.16

Its been a busy few months and I’ve missed a blog entry or four since my last post. This one has been on my list for a while, so here we go.

Going from a truck to a SUV made me rework my camping gear, and that included making a smaller Chuckbox (camp kitchen). I had also changed stoves from a larger Coleman to a smaller Cook Partner steel stove, so my old Yellow Chuckbox was a bit big and after camping out of it for a few years I realized that I was carrying around quite a few pieces that never got used.

I built the box based on the stove and to have enough room for the basic essentials, small tub, paper towels, etc.

I had a sketch, made some measurements and began cutting all the panels out. I don’t have a table saw, so everything was cut with a skillsaw – so its mostly square…

The box came together in an afternoon, the stove is a tight fit.

The interior is painted with white enamel to make it easier to see inside.

And hunter green on the outside. You can see the old yellow chuckbox in the background. The new little green one is similar construction method, just using 1/4″ baltic ply instead of 3/8″ like the yellow one.

The piano hinge is screwed to the bottom of the box, and then pop-riveted through the door so there’s nothing to catch on on the interior.

All the hardware is brass, it will take on a nice patina with use. I didn’t end up using nearly half the hardware once I got started.

Test fit.

And out in the field just last weekend.

And everything that gets stashed in the lower compartment (minus the water jug). The propane line, regulator and a couple of the small propane tanks fit in there as well.

There are a bunch of uses for the Nite Ize gear ties, very handy around camp.

I carry a little gold sharpie in the box as well and write each trip on the side of the box. I wish I had done the same with the other box. As you can tell, I’ve been able to get out almost every month since late spring. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Little Green Chuckbox, 12.16

  1. Awesome chuckbox. I’m interested in the backside of the riveted panels. Do the rivets penetrate the plywood or are they flush?

    Love the brass and the future patina.

    I’m assuming oil based pain since there’s a can of something (mineral spirits?) on the table.


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