1.13 Quick update
I'm still taking pics, just in the middle of rebuilding the site from the ground up, relocating multiple domains and getting new hosting figured out. Will be launching my new SmugMug account, you can get a sneak peek here: http://themirrorpool.smugmug.com/ In the in-between time, all my domains and sites are messed up a bit.

9.12 Cruisin' for the Cure
Wandered down to one of SoCal's biggest car shows yesterday morning. Held at the Orange County Fairgrounds, Cruisin' for the Cure was huge. Biggest car show I've been to with over 3000 cars (according to the site). I don't know if it was that many this year, but it was huge. Enjoy an assortment of detail shots and a few full-car pics.

8.12 Macro Fun
Dusted off the MPE-65 macro lens and also trying out some new lights. These are happy shots, enjoy.

7.12 Irvine, CA
Still getting settled after relocating to Irvine, CA with about 25 other folks from 5.11. First full week in the apartment and I only ran the AC the first day while unpacking boxes, so yeah, the weather is pretty nice. Work is close (about 5 mi) and I've been lucky to avoid any real traffic (so far).

This morning I went to "Cars and Coffee", a weekly gathering of cars. LOTS of exotics, plus a bunch of classics and oddities, even a ratrod or two showed up. Will definitely make it a repeat event. Anyway, enjoy about 20 selects.

7.12 Utah & Colorado Side Trip
Went to Denver, CO for a work photoshoot and took a couple extra days to get there. Made stops in Cathedral Valley (Capitol Reef National Park), Dinosaur National Monument (NE Utah), and Rocky Mountain National Park. Was a great trip before a great photoshoot.

Some nice shots of Cathedral Valley plus more goodness.

Just a handful of snapshots from the road.

3.12 White Rim Road & More
Ventured over to Moab UT for a week's escape from work. Drove the noteworthy White Rim Road. 100+ miles of backcountry bliss. Was rewarded with wonderful weather and a nice assortment of photos. Enjoy some variety below:

White Rim GPX File
Download my GPS track from MotionX and you can upload it into Google Earth or other GPS mapping applications.

White Rim Panoramics
4 new panoramic photos.

White Rim Selects
60+ selected photos.

White Rim Snapshots
Assorted snapshots and driving pics, mostly from the G9 point and shoot.

Goblin Valley
Selects from a favorite fun side trip.

San Rafael Swell
A few pics from a side trip into the San Rafael Swell.

White Rim Lego Expedition
A handful of fun little Lego explorer photos.

White Rim Road Video
10 minutes of trail footage
12.11 LRRB Phase 2 has begun... More progress (updated 1.12)

12.11 Photoshoot Sidetrip
Out in New Mexico for a work photoshoot. Arrived a bit early and ventured over to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History. Enjoy this batch of mostly textural pics.

9.11 Uber Roadtrip
Took the LRRB out for a week and a half to make a big CA/NV/UT/CA loop. Meet up with 6 other Toyotas and we drove the Mojave National Preserve original wagon road plus a bunch of side trips (200 off-road miles). After that I headed back to UT, specifically Capitol Reef National Park (my fav.) and explored some back roads and then ventured up into upper Cathedral Valley. After that I trekked back to CA and over to the Oceano Dunes State Recreational Vehicle Park for an annual Toyota meetup where about 70 vehicles camped out on the beach for the weekend and played in the dunes. All in all, almost 2000 miles phew. There are 2 galleries to see, I hope you enjoy them.

Select photos (5D Mk II)

Snapshots (G9 - taken mostly while driving)

9.11 Slacker?
No new photos. Disappointing. Been busy with other stuff, but enjoying life. Headed out on vacation in a week+. Mojave/Death Valley/Pismo. Oh, and I forget what that G+ thing was all about.

Never Forget

7.11 Interesting times
Sorry, but no new photos to report, but good other stuff going on. After a heartbreaking Jan/Feb I'm finally feeling 'back' and ready for whatever life brings. Some work travel in August, plus the normal work craziness (including our biggest catalog ever) and then looking forward to an amazing road trip/vacation in September. In the meantime, I'm considering 'dumping' facebook and becoming emotionally involved with Google+.

I look forward to sharing some new photos/projects later this summer!

6.11 SkyLandPhoto
Finally got around to putting together a best-of gallery of my landscape photography.

Enjoy 50 selects in a Flash gallery

5.11 Little Red Rust Bucket - Expo Trailer Build
Phase 1 of the LRRB Build is complete, enjoy the pics at the link below. Phase 2 is adding 12V power, a small fridge, water and solar.

LRRB Build Pictures and Progress

4.1.11 Road Trip Recap
Got home late wednesday after a week spent wandering the Utah badlands. Was a much needed break. Left our dealer meeting in AZ on the previous wednesday and drove Cottonwood Canyon and then took a photo tour of Antelope Canyon - an amazing place. Wandered over to Moab through Kodachrome Basin, Zion, Red Rock, etc, etc. Met up with a 4x4 club out of Colorado and ran with them for a couple days on the slickrock. We did Fins and Things, Hell's Revenge and Top of the World. Finished that leg of the trip with a sunset at Arches.

Drove out of the area via the Schaffer trail (will be back next year to run the White Rim Road). After that it was some serious highway miles back into CA and over to the coast (Santa Barbara) to pick up an M416 trailer that I'm going to turn into a camping/expo trailer. Then home to unpack, clean up and relax with the cat and dog. Phew.

Two sets of photos, one "snapshots" set and one set of "real" photos, enjoy:

Utah 3.11 Roadtrip Snapshots

Utah 3.11 Roadtrip Selects

3.13.11 Back after a break
Hello all. If you've followed theMirrorpool for any length of time you may have noticed my absence. Sorry about that. I was in love and then got my heart cracked - but not broken. Ultimately I have no hard feelings, she was the first girlfriend I've had in a long time, perhaps I was a little naive. But what the hell - I'm cynical enough, it was worth it. Today I'm optimistic about the future.

While I haven't been taking much photography that I would post here I've been busy. Sort-of on a 4Runner modification kick at the moment. Oh, and I have my HAM license now, KJ6NAF is my callsign. I'm mostly on 2-meter.

Work at 5.11 is as crazy as ever. I'm headed to Arizona next week for our annual dealer meeting and will then be going on vacation from there. I have at least a week and no agenda, its going to be great. Stay tuned for some new pictures from AZ and UT in the next month.

Had a great show with my Beautiful Fragments images so I will leave you with one of those.

Hurting 1.22.11

11.24.10 Beautiful Fragments Show
The Beautiful Fragments Show is up at Deva and runs through early January. Stop by and check out the prints. Oh, and I'll have a handful of books available for purchase. Show reception is Saturday, December 4th, 7PM with some live music. Deva Cafe is located at 1202 J St., Downtown Modesto.

10.31.10 Last day of vacation
Have enjoyed some time away from the office and ready to get back into the swing of things. Spent these last few days getting projects accomplished, etc. One of those fun projects was a quick afternoon photoshoot with Armour Sans Anguish. See the selects here.

Earlier last week I made it over to Big Sur for a few days of escape. Did some reading and some sightseeing, but not much photography. Also made it to a Totoya 120 meet-up over in Hollister Hills. That was a fun day.

Another little project was a new intaglio print (here), along with a little video of the plate inking, wiping, printing process.

On top of that, I've ordered a sample of the Beautiful Fragments book, and will report on the color quality/etc when it arrives. They'll be available through Blurb at cost, or I'll have them available in November/December for a little more than cost.

10.10.10 Beautiful Fragments launch
Getting ready for a show this December and recently launched the website for this new collection of work. Its super-macro photos of butterfly wings. Enjoy!

10.2.10 Eastern Sierras w/ Dad
Went up over the Easter Sierra's yesterday with Dad looking for some Fall color. Found a little bit and was a great day, in another couple of weeks its probably even more colorful. Left here at 6 then over Sonora Pass, then to Twin Lakes, Green Creek (almost), Lundy Canyon and then home over Tioga pass. This pamphlet from Mono County was handy. Enjoy a few pics here.

9.10 Been Busy
Its been too long since I've posted, been busy with multiple catalogs at work and an exciting new photography project that I'll be showing this December. Also traded in the Subaru for a 4Runner and have been working on some projects to get it road trip ready. Vacation in October, but spent my fun money on the 4Runner so probably not doing UT, instead some local trips and a lot of printmaking at home.

7.17.10 Bodie
Had a nice day trip over to Bodie with some photo friends. There's 90 pics in this set, including a BUNCH of textural image. Let me know if you want one for a destkop. Enjoy them here.

6.20.10 Legoland Tilt-Shift
Was down in Anaheim for the last week on a photoshoot for work. We had a great shoot and was thoroughly exhausted when it was done. I slept in on saturday and drove down to Carlsbad to revisit Legoland. Was a great visit although some of the original pieces are showing their age. Shot a bunch of tilt-shift shots plus a few details. Enjoy them here.

5.22.10 Macro Flowers
Picked up a new lens after I sold a couple pieces of camera equipment on consignment. Its a dedicated macro lens that lets you capture images at up to 5x their size. You can see actual pollen samples and the individual color 'bumps' on the flower petals. Enjoy some here, and look for more soon.

5.10 Some Printmaking
Took the last couple days of this week off to get some things done and enjoy the Spring weather. There's a new print up over at RavenbotStudio, go do some exploring if you want.

4.28.10 Del Puerto w/ Dad
Took the afternoon off to go chase wildflowers in Del Puerto Canyon with my dad. Was a great break. Highlights here.

Other than that, just been busy working and hoping spring along its way into my backyard.

2.10 Wisconsin Side Trips
Had a bit of time while I've been here in Wisconsin to get out and take a few textural pics. Made it to the old Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee and the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay. About 30 pics.

2.10 Blackhawk Auto Museum
Made a quick trip over to the Danville area to revist the Blackhawk Auto Museum. Its been a few years since I've been there. The collection hadn't changed too much but it is definitely worth the short drive there. Enjoy a few pics.

2.10 Photo/Escape Day with Allen
Took a day off this friday to celebrate getting the catalog files to the printer. Went over to San Francisco and wandered the city with my buddy Allen. Didn't take a lot of pics, but there are a few here.

1.10 Birthday Side Trip
Was over in Arizona for a work trip (a great photoshoot) last week and took thursday off to relax on my b-day. Went to the Pima Air Museum, AMARC Boneyard and the Titan Missle Museum, was a great day all around and then hung out with my friend Michelle that eve.

Glad to be home now, and deep into catalog season at work, so plenty busy for the next couple of months.

Enjoy the pics, there's lots of new textures.

11.28.09 2 Shows
Two shows happening in November/December, get out and see them if you can.

The first is a gift show at Cafe Deva (1202 J St.). I'm showing intaglio prints from late last year and early this year, and there are several other artists showing work ranging from small oil paintings (Brad and Nancy Hawn), larger graffiti works (FASM and CAMER1), photography (Tim Tannis and Phil Baird), plus work by a few other artists. All of the work is priced for the holiday.

The second is the annual Hand Born event in downtown Modesto. This is a great event and gets bigger each year. There are a bunch of vendors spread through 5 locations downtown. Come out and shop for great handmade items from over 40 artists, crafters and makers. I will be showing a bunch of work from the last few years, plus all new intaglio work from my printmaking vacation.

11.09 Armour Sans Anguish
We had a strong morning shoot with two models against a nice white backdrop. It has been almost a year since I have had the chance to shoot Tawny's great clothing, but it won't be that long again. Click for pix!

Click for link to Armour Sans Anguish!

11.09 Foothill Drive
Went out this morning with a photo friend (Elizabeth) to go wander around the foothills for a bit. Was a great morning and I got a few nice shots. Enjoy!

11.1.09 RavenbotStudio.com updated
Head on over to RavenbotStudio.com to see my new printmaking work from the Goldwell.
10.19.09 Goldwell Residency Blog
Will be maintaining a little blog during my artists residency at the Goldwell. Check it out.

10.09 Away For A Bit
Have been pretty busy at work so haven't posted any new images in a while. I'm headed out on vacation next week and will make some decisions about the site when I get back.

8.09 ORWA Road Trip
Went up to Seattle and then Hood River for some work photoshoots and managed to get a couple fun stops in along the way. Enjoy!

7.09 Silly Busy
Well, work has been silly busy so I don't have any new photos to update. I've been spending weekends at the smoker, in the kitchen and tending the garden. Headed up to the Pacific NW at the end of the month for a work photoshoot and will get at least one photo-stop in along the way.

The photo (clockwise from top left) shows home-made rye bread, a smoked "fattie" (with fired red bell peppers, roasted garlic, feta and other goodies), fresh tomatos from the garden and a smoked roast (about 8 hours). Click the photo to see my flickr stream that has more pics from the smoker.

New printmaking work in my noggin and will change gears soon and start working on that.

6.09 Busy few weeks
No new photos of interest to post, but have been busy learning the BBQ smoker as well as new printmaking work. You can see the new work over at RavenbotStudio.com.

5.09 West Coast Kustoms
Went down to Santa Maria to visit with my sister Rachael. We had a nice visit and great weather. I went and saw the West Coast Kustoms car show there and got some nice detail photos and a number of TTV shots. There was a nice mix of very clean rides and some great rat-rods, clickity-click.

5.09 Ravenbot Studio Launch
New printmaking oriented site is up and running. Give it a look-see.

5.09 And a Merry May to you too!
Hello and welcome! I hung my solo show on Saturday with the help of Doug Holcomb. Lots of work and all reasonably priced (hint hint.) I've been doing a good amount of reading about ravens and am storing up some ideas for the next batch of prints. Also working on a few new sites that you'll notice to the right. Will be a bit before they're all up and running, but the printmaking site is top priority.

4.09 Beautiful Spring Weekend
Was a great weekend here, beautiful weather, mild temps. Did a bunch of yard and house work yesterday and then today I got focused some printmaking and did 3 new prints. Was a great weekend. Also posted a fun little video clip of Kaylee playing in the sprinklers.

4.09 Solo Show this May
Having a Solo Show at Deva Cafe in downtown Modesto during the month of May. Will be showing new Intaglio work and more than a hundred Polaroids and other pieces. Everything is priced reasonably. Download the postcard here and the show catalog here.

4.09 Beautiful Weekend
Planted roses in the back fence planter in the backyard. Two orange colored climbers and 3 dark red bushes, plus some boysenberries along the side planter. Also printed a new piece that I've been working on for a week or so. Stay tuned, they'll be more of these... ;)

Also updated the printmaking pages...

3.09 Hello from Ohio
Have been out in Ohio on the press check for our Spring 2009 catalog at the office and had a pretty good press check overall. Had time today to go back over to Dayton, OH to the National Museum of the USAF. There's a bunch of new textures.

3.09 Fantastic Weekend
The weather this weekend has been outstanding and I feel inspired. Yesterday I mowed the lawns, trimmed the hedge, planted some Pansies in hanging pots in the back patio. I've also been BUSY in the studio cutting mats for an upcoming solo show and made it through 90 mats for a nice assortment of through-the-viewfinder photos and polaroid transfers and lifts. I also pulled a small edition of the little fellow on the left. Only another 20 or 30 mats to go to finish up. The printmaking page is updated so go check it out.

3.09 Southbay Seminar
Was over in Palo Alto a couple days to attend a two-day management seminar. Heard lots of information that was all new to me. I had taken monday off to go visit Filoli, but it turns out they are closed on Mondays. Instead I browsed through the REI and a couple hobby shops over in the area. Also made it to the Hiller Air Museum. It is a smaller air museum that seems to focus on older first-generation planes, but I took some cool interior shots as well. It also seems to be a popular place for classroom tours as it was full of kids. I didn't take a lot of pics, but there are a few.

2.09 Monotype Tutorial
I put together a monotype tutorial for a printmaking forum that I've been visiting lately over at WetCanvas.

The printmaking page has been updated with new work from the last couple weeks.

2.09 Busy Month
Well, January flew by without a blink. Lots going on at the office, multiple catalogs in the works plus our normal design workload, plus some changes amongst the sr. executive team, so its an even more interesting time. Even with all that going on I've spent some time sorting out my little art studio at home and will be getting back into some more printmaking this month. I did two small prints this weekend, one of which I'm going to do more versions of. Sounds like I may have a solo show lining up for this Spring, so will need to have a pretty productive month.

1.09 Happy New Year and all that Jazz...
Was out on a work photoshoot last week in San Francisco and had a half-day to wander around the Marina/Wharf area. I took a bunch of snapshots with the Canon G9 so here they are. You'll have to wait till this spring to see what photos we shot on the work shoot ;)

12.08 Armour Sans Anguish Photoshoot
Had a good shoot with Tawny and a couple of her models yesterday for Armour Sans Anguish. There are about 50 selects in this set.

ER, if you happen to read this, we all miss you, hope you are OK.
AK, AB, MS and I all wish you would call. Matt, 12.20.08

11.08 A few more prints added
Added 5 new pieces to the printmaking page. Its unsorted right now, but will be doing a more organized update to the page in the near future.

11.08 Good Guys @ Alameda Fairgrounds
Its been a good weekend working on some organization space in the studio and then a new intaglio plate that I'll post in the next couple of evenings.

Went to the Good Guys car show over in Pleasanton this morning. Biggest car show I've been to, was a great day all around. Enjoy the pics, there are about 40.

11.08 2 New Intaglio Prints
Added a couple new intaglio prints I finished yesterday and this morning. Maybe will do a few monotypes later today. Oh, and we're hanging a charity art show down at Deva later today. If you're downtown check it out and maybe buy some art, all of the proceeds go for a charity called Family Promise.

Family Promise is an organization that is committed to helping low-income families achieve lasting independence. They do this by providing safe shelter, meals, and support services for homeless families and through programs designed to address the underlying causes of homelessness.

Afternoon Update
Worked on a few experimental monoprints this afternoon. Had some success especially with the Caran d'Ache medium but not so much with straight watercolor. I don't think there's enough 'body' to the medium for the paper to pick up the color. They're on the printmaking page here.

10.08 Yosemite
Took friday off and ran up to Yosemite and then over the Tioga Pass to catch some fall color. Was probably a bit early, but this was my chance. Enjoy.
10.08 More New Prints
Added a new page in the Assorted Oddities menu tiled New Printmaking. Will be adding new images to this as they're created. Also put in a winter garden this weekend with carrots, beets and onions.
10.08 New Prints
Some new printmaking projects. Some of it come back easily, some not so much... There's 3 new images: an etching, a drypoint, and a monoprint (shown at left).

10.08 New Artwork in the Works
While on my trip I picked up a Baby Intaglio Press up at the Daniel Smith store in Seattle. Its a small press, but will do most everything it needs to do at the moment.

This is the first print I've pulled in more than 12 years (since college) and is a mezzotint off a copper plate. Print measures 3" by 2". Looking forward to producing some new work.

10.08 Oregon Coast Polaroids
A handful of Polaroid Transfers and Emulsion Lifts from my trip.

9.08 Pacific Northwest Road Trip
Greetings! Back from a needed escape. Took a road trip up along the OR/WA coast and then spent a couple days with Erica (my boss) and Johnny (her hubby). Was an absolutely great trip. According to the Nuvi it was about 2500 miles, 52 driving hours at an average of 48 mph.

The first day I drove the 5 up to Crescent City, then hit the following locations over the next week: Cape Sebastian, Cape Blanco Lighthouse, Coquilla River Lighthouse, Coos Bay, Umpqua Lighthouse, Heceta Lighthouse, Yaquina & Yaquina Head Lighthouses, Cape Foulweather, Old Hwy 101, Cape Mears, Rockwork Overlook, Ecola State Park, Astoria, Columbia River Maritime Museum, Tillamook Factory, Tillamook Air Museum, Josephson's Smoked Fish (yum), the ENTIRE Olympic Peninsula where it rained in the forest (aka: Rainforest), Forks Timber Museum and finally rode the Fontleroy ferry into Seattle where I spent a couple great days with Erica & Johnny. Also made it to the Center for Wooden Boats, the Museum of Flight (Boeing), the Seattle Underground Tour and a great afternoon in Pike's Market.

Rather than break these sets up I've posted them in one gallery organized by subject matter. There's more than 250 pics.

9.14.08 Colma, CA
Went over to Colma (near Daly City) with a photo buddy Doug. Had a great morning over there and will definitely be going back.

9.9.08 Back from Ohio
Press check went ok, had some down time in-betwen runs and made it to a few nice stops.

Left is Glendale Cemetery

Below Left is Canton Classic Car Museum

Below Right is some ruins from Youngstown

8.23.08 Catalogs are off
Well, after a couple months of long days our catalogs at the office are off to the printer this week, will head to Ohio for the press check in a couple more weeks. The press will run for about 4 days, something close to 2 million catalogs.

Went up today over to Sunol and visited the Niles Rail Museum/Yard. Pretty interesting place, lots of volunteers working on cars all over the place, a little different that the Western Rail Museum. Here's 28 textural pics.

8.2.08 Busy Month
July was crazy busy and August will be the same, but I made it a point to get out and take some photos today. Went up Highway 12 to the Western Rail Museum and to the Air Museum at Travis Air Force Base.
Ad Wall, 070908 7.12.08 Getting Things Done
That's about the jist of it. Been busy with work, house and puppy. Back yard is looking good (except my tomatos aren't putting on fruit). Hard to believe its only been about 3-1/2 months since I got the house. Seems like longer - and shorter - than that. Something funny about that. Kaylee is growing fast and is about 16 weeks old, we start "Good Family Dog" training in two weeks. Work is busy (as usual) and will be getting a bit crazy through August with 3 big projects in the works, plus a bunch of other work that all has to be done in the same timeframe. The image here is just a shot of my office wall with inspiration for our 2009 advertising... I wish I had something more 'cool' to show you, but have been pouring all of my creative energy into work and house projects and playing with Reason (a soft synth) a bit. Nothing worthwhile will probably come out of it, but it is a nice distraction from time to time.

6.20.08 Berkeley Flowers
Took the day off today for a little break and went to the Berkeley Botanical Gardens and the Berkeley Rose Garden, pretty decent stops all around. Also made a stop by the Hat Store and bought a new Tilley hat as my old one is pretty much done. Added the pics to the flowers gallery.

6.07.08 Graffiti Weekend
Got out for a bit this morning to take some pics down at the North Modesto Kiwani's Graffiti Car Show. Was great to get out and shoot for a bit after being cooped up b/w work and home the last couple of weeks. Enjoy the pics.

Kaylee is doing great, Mai Tai is adapting well, and the garden is growing...

6.2.08 Kaylee
Meet Kaylee, Mai Tai's new nemesis...
Been thinking about a dog for months. All different sorts of dogs, but after research, and thinking, decided on a Labrador Retreiver from a small local breeder (who has been great btw). So, this is Kaylee (yes, named after Kaylee on Firefly) and things are going ok so far. Will definitely be a change of life for me... and Mai Tai. Initially Mai hid for a day, but today (day 3) she's ventured out more bravely and hissed repeatedly at Kaylee. Glad to see that she ventured out of the closet. I think (and hope) things will settle out with a bat (or two) on the pup's nose, and the pecking order in place. There's a few more pics of Kaylee here, and of course Mai Tai here, and some house progress (new paint in the living room) here.

5.14.08 Anaheim
Down to Anaheim for a work photoshoot and had a chance to run over to the Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, CA. So here's a bunch of new aircraft textures.

5.3.08 Phew
Guess it took me a bit longer than I thought to get back to the site here. Its been quite busy at work and I've been working hard on yard stuff here.

Finished putting in dwarf citrus trees and raised beds today. Will be doing the drip irrigation system in there tomorrow and probably will plant a smallish garden at the same time. The beds are 3' by 9' and a foot tall. Going to build a compost "bin" in the far right corner of this pic and a raised planter for a herb garden on the far left.

If you want to see more pics I've posted them on flickr here.

4.2.08 New Home
Well, pretty much settled in the new house. Will be posting pics sometime shortly. Having my first BBQ/party this saturday. Phones are up, internet is up, all is good. Plenty of work to do in the backyard still. Work is plenty busy too.
3.22.08 New Site and New News.
The house is mine, but the funding didn't go through yesterday (when it was supposed to). Some paperwork got missed on the seller/title side so it didn't close. Definitely a buzz kill for a bit, but I should get keys Monday.

Anyway, I've been working on this new version of the site on and off for a few weeks and its finally time to launch it. I hope you'll find the new navigation MUCH EASIER than all the crazy drop-downs like it was. The new "Spry" features of Dreamweaver CS3 are very nice. I've also made a Visual Index (top right) where you can browse almost all of my collections by a huge thumbnail index. If you run across any broken links, please let me know at ethernectar at mac dot com. Thanks!

3.17.08 Closer & Closer...
Hope to be closing escrow this friday. Speedbumps last week, surprises around every corner. Had a great shoot with Tawny and Armour Sans Anguish yesterday. This site is undergoing a substantial rebuild, so my postings will be a little limited for a while as I'm working on the new version.

Update: selects are here>>

3.8.08 Moving ahead:
House deal is moving ahead... Escrow is supposed to close on the 21st of this month. Then time to move and then into two catalogs at the office. Going to be a busy month.

3.1.08 Fort Point, San Francisco, CA
My buddy Allen and I took off on a day trip to the city. Walked through Chinatown for a bit and then went to Fort Point (the old fort that sits at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.) What a great place to take pics. Weather was stellar, albeit crazy-windy at the fort, especially on the top level, amazing building. Then had burgers and beers at a cool old bar. Browsed IKEA on the way home and took sunset pictures from the top of the parking garage until they kicked us out. Was a great day. Enjoy the pics.

2.20.08 Lunar Eclipse at Knights Ferry
Went out with some fellow photo guys last eve to shoot the Lunar Eclipse. We were going to shoot in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Knights Ferry but it was closed. Then we got kicked out of the Knights Ferry Park. Wound up shooting from the top of a hill that overlooked the river valley and the highway on the other side. Got a few so-so pics of the eclipse and then some fun shots playing around with lights and strobes. (Sorry the collection got lost in the site update.)

Looks like this third house option is moving ahead, which is finally great news after two failed deals. Stay tuned.

2.14.08 Less Limbo:
Have cancelled on the Maestro house earlier this week. The bank that owns it is entirely on some kind of banker's "crack" and lives in a parallel universe where time and reality don't exist as they do here. So have started over for the 3rd time. Looked at about 10 housesand my next offer goes in tomorrow. If you're on flickr and friend or family (at least according to flickr), you can see some snapshots here of that house. Time will tell if this is the place or not... If it wasn't for Cindy (my realtor) I'd probably have given up.

2.9.08 Utah Road Trip with Dad
Dad and I went on a week-long road trip through several National and State Parks in Southern Utah. Drove through two days of snow and ice to get to Moab, then had great weather. We went to these sites: Goblin Valley State Park, Dead Horse State Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Escalante/Grand Staircase National Monument and Zion National Park. All told, more than 2400 miles and we had a great time.

Here's almost 150 select photos including new panoramics all shot on a Canon 5D, and mostly with a circular polarizer.

No big news on the house front. They're just getting started on the demolition of the sheetrock. I'm sure it will be late march at the earliest before they're done but I'm going to stick to this one.

1.30.08 More Limbo:
Still in limbo on the house, but it will be worth the wait. I leave for Utah on saturday, can't wait. Dad is going with me, its going to be a great time together. Planning on doing about 8 or 9 National or State Parks. Stay tuned for new photos. Its my first long road trip in a while. :)
1.14.08 Headed Home
Sitting here in a regional airport waiting for my flight back through Chicago and then onto Sacramento. Its been snowing here, hope that doesn't impact either of my flights. We had a very successful print check, you can see a short video of the presses running here, they're pretty impressive machinery. The check went smoothly so I had some time yesterday to go visit the National Museum of the USAF. Was a pretty huge collection. I only had my little Canon G9, but there are some great textures. Also a couple shots from Brimfield (known for its bricks) and a few of the cool concourse in the Chicago O'Hare airport. Hope you enjoy them all.
1.12.08 Less Limbo:
Greetings from gloomy Ohio. I'm here on a press check for our Spring catalog and had a few moments to write an update on the house search. Before I left CA, and in the beginning days of escrow on the Maestro house they had the city turn the water on in order to do the inspections. Unfortunately the washing machine hook up was open so when the city turned the water on from the street the water started flowing into the house and flooded the place. It was several hours before the first inspector showed up, enough time to flood everything. Since then the flooring has been removed, the place aired out, inspected and inspected again. Since its still the bank's property they have insurance that will now replace the flooring as well as remove/replace the lower drywall throughout the place, plus all moulding and trim... It adds 3-4 weeks of time to the process for the contractors to get in there and do all the work, plus make sure everthing is 100% dry. So, it extends the escrow period and I'll stick around my current place for a few extra weeks. Unfortunately for me, almost everything is already packed, lol.

Dad and I are headed out on a week-long road trip in early Feb. Going to southern UT to take pics and see all those great parks and views. Can't wait.

1.1.08 Happy New Year & Sunday Trains
Went out with friends Allen and Cindy this afternoon to shoot some train cars. Shot some neat grafitti, some texture images and a few industrial pics. Click
12.30.07 Limbo, part 2:
After all of the inspections and declarations I cancelled the offer on that house. Too many issues with dry rot, termites, dry rot, etc, etc, etc. So have been looking at homes in a wider area than I had initially thought about and have been pleasantly surprised. Will put an offer in tomorrow on a newer home (<10yrs) on the NE edge corner of town, not too far from here. We'll see how the process/inspections/etc goes...
12.20.07 Limbo:
Well, I accepted an offer/counteroffer on my first home purchase today. Things are very good at the office and this step is a move forward based on how good things are there - and also on our very hard work. I will post more as time allows and as things develop/resolve.
10.28.07 All The Gourdy Details
Took some fun fall/harvest/halloweenish pics today of a bunch of different colored and patterned gourds. Orange you glad you clicked here...
10.26.07 Party
Went to a fun costume party at the Baird-Holt / Passalaqua 'Weekend House' Here's about 40 pics, all available-light with a 50mm ƒ1.4 at 3200ISO. Also a few extra pics from a sunday brunch a couple weeks ago. Click-away

10.21.07 SFBAS Napa
Met up with some fellow flickrers yesterday in Napa. Had a nice time and visited a few wineries. I posted about 40 selects - click here.

You'll also notice some changes in the gallery pages that will make the site a little easier to manage on my end, if you get lost, just click the logo at the top left.

10.15.07 Monterey Weekend
Made it a three day weekend and spent it over on the coast in Monterey. It was a nice time with pretty good weather and a trip to the Aquarium. There's also a few SF Skyline pics from a couple weeks back. Clickity-click
9.22.07 Concours d' Elegance
Went up to Ironstone Winery in Murphys to see their car show. Was a pretty nice range of cars. A little drizzly, but that made for some nice shots as well. Enjoy!
9.16.07 Gold Country Daytrip
Wandered the Goldrush Foothills all day today. Up Hwys 88, 12, 49, Calaveras Big Trees, etc... Enjoy the pics!
9.1.07 Color the Skies
Went to a hot air balloon fundraiser event in Ripon this AM. Was really neat, and definitely one I'll go to next weear. Enjoy the pics!
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