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Two DIY Projects, 06.19

Two DIY Projects, 06.19

A little decor project to match our photo wall and a flower press for our upcoming trip to CO.

Part 1 - Quilt Rack

Using some of the same reclaimed wood from our photo wall and some shiny copper bits, I built a quilt rack to hold our quilts, some old and some new. We wanted to have a common vibe between the wood and bare copper/brass metals that are on our photo wall.

Lets get started…

….with some copper pipe ends and other bits, four hardwood dowels…

Cleaned, stained, sanded and then drilled. Larger holes on the bottom and smaller on top, so the heavy gauge wire will rest on the cable ferrules. Once clamped on, they’ll create a ladder of sorts.

There is a set of ferrules at the bottom, and then attached under each bar. The dowel bars have a copper cap epoxied to their ends.

Next up is to build a shelf for the top, this is the same reclaimed shiplap we used on the photo wall. Very simple construction and it will be attached to the wall with the same type of cleats.

A quick test-fit and then just a matter of hanging our quilts up!
(I suppose I should have taken pics with a real camera, but sometimes the phone makes it soooo easy to snap along the way.)

Part 2 - Flower Press

On our last couple of trips to Colorado in the summer, we’ve gathered a few wildflowers along the way and on other occasions we’ve picked up a few here and there. They’ve been stuffed into notebooks, books, guidebooks, wherever. Often not surviving in great shape. So in preparation for our trip back to CO in a few weeks I decided to make a compact flower press so we could better preserve our little favorites.

So, here’s a quick look at what I’ve put together!

I painted the exterior with some simple watercolor washes and then sketched up a little monogram for us then drew that on the front and our address on the back.

I took out one of our first CO flowers and collaged it into our little monogram.

Once the gel holding the flowers was dry, I brushed the entire front with a matte UV varnish. There are layers of hot press 100% cotton watercolor paper and some recent flowers in there sandwiched with 3/8” bolts and large wingnuts to hold everything together. We can’t wait to load it up in a few weeks…

Range Master Pouches, 07.19

Range Master Pouches, 07.19

Photo Wall, 05.19

Photo Wall, 05.19