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Thundersuit Assault MOC, 02.18

Thundersuit Assault MOC, 02.18

This will be a bit of a longer post, so I hope you click through all the pics. 

Back in January we went to check out Bricks LA, a Southern California Lego fan's utopia. I totally got bit by the MOC bug. In LegoLanguage a MOC is "My Own Creation" and something built from imagination and exploration. The Bricks LA event was fun for all ages and as an AFOL ("Adult Fan of Lego") I loved seeing the ideas and creativity. That's enough jargon for now. I posted some pics from the event on Facebook here if you care to get a glimpse :).

After seeing all the models and interacting with the organizers and vendors some ideas came to mind, and this post is the intermediate result of those...

This MOC idea started with an exosuit as the core idea, but it needed a place to exist, so ideas sprang up about who/what/why. I'll let the photos do most of the explaining, enjoy...

Many little shopping visits to some favorite and new Bricklink vendors was involved, and "no" I haven't done a part count yet. (And I don't want to know the cost, lol.) 

Absolutely loved the process/discovery/build. It was a bit like waiting for eagerly expected Christmas presents every few days...

So it needs some detail photos:

What is the guy in the Thundersuit after? It can only be the "Cave of Wonder" right? BTW, yes, its internally (but not eternally) lit from within.

And finally, we should look at the Exosuit. This was initially based on one I bought at the Bricks LA event and then modified quite a bit. Lego offers a 3D modeling application called "Lego Digital Designer" that enables you to build Lego models in 3D from a know list of parts. It was critical in the construction of the Thundersuit.

This is "Thundersuit Mark II, version B". These are photos of the suit, not renderings.

It's been a really fun exploration and perhaps I'll be sharing it at the 2018 Bricks LA event...

Fluid & Flower Studies, 03.18

Fluid & Flower Studies, 03.18

Fluid Studies, 01.18

Fluid Studies, 01.18