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Mojave Road, 12.18

Mojave Road, 12.18

For our last trip of the year we embarked on a trek along the historic Mojave Road with a group of three other 200 Series Land Cruiser couples. The Mojave Road is one of the earliest routes in the west. Huge horizons and immense expanses are a treat throughout the journey.

Not much narrative for this post so lets just dive into the pics…

Tight desert two-track roads and some long wash drives are such a treat and change from the normal SoCal traffic.

The infamous “Frog Shrine” at the Mojave Mailbox.

Possibly our favorite find along the way - the “Troll Tree”.

Four 200 Series Toyota Land Cruisers make long overland journeys comfortable.

Our campsite up in Caruthers Canyon. At approximately 6500’ elevation it turned into a cold and windy night. Temps were 21º F on Saturday morning at 7:15AM, so we expect overnight temps were into the teens with a wind chill in the single digits - CHILLY.

Naturally, the desert always inspires some panoramic views! Click them to go big.

Beth and I at the Mojave Mailbox. Another group had arrived just before us and changed out the flag. Great to see people taking care of things. The Mailbox contains a guestbook that visitors are encouraged to sign.


This is the first trip where I’ve used Gaia Maps as my main navigation system on an iPad Mini. up till now I’ve used Motion-X for years, but am exploring other options for a few reasons. Still have some learning and experimenting to do with Gaia, but am pleased with our first real test of that software.

Prior to this trip I purchased the Mojave Road Guide, by Dennis Casebier and it proved very useful prior to the trip and I know that Beth enjoyed reading into the details along the trek. If you’re interested in the history or route itself I’d definitely recommend the book.

Photo Wall, 05.19

Photo Wall, 05.19

Overland Art, 12.18

Overland Art, 12.18