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Eurithus System Thundersuit MOC, 11.18

Eurithus System Thundersuit MOC, 11.18

Aboard space station Exchelsor 4, the crew prepares the Thundersuit (Mk IV, variant F) for its drop onto the tropic surface of the Eurithus System’s second largest planet, Sūūdveldt.

Lead Technician Aalvourz performs a diagnostic scan of the suit while PilotFighter 4th Class Rex “Shadow Wrake” Tethy reviews sensor information from surface scans and begins loading his mission parameters into the suit’s system.

Bossman “Jewels” Joneswell supervises from above, reviewing the sensor feed. All looks good.


The native population normally has only to worry about the aggressive carnivorous plants and their harvesting of the universe‘s largest natural source of Ring Pop candies and an occasional jungle predator.

— The Thundersuit Exploit of the Eurithus System begins...

We went to Bricks LA early this year, it was both of our first visit to anything like that. I came away a bit inspired and Beth came away from the event a bit googely eyed, lol. Pretty soon after that I started my first true LEGO MOC (My Own Creation) and posted about it here.

Late this spring I built a single exosuit.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 5.37.28 PM.png

Then I started thinking about what the story was for the exosuit. Most likely at 4AM some morning…

So, the next phase began, a space themed launch bay for the exosuits as they prepared to invade the planet below. What followed were no more than a few trips to the LEGO store to buy bulk pick-a-bricks and many (too many to admit) small orders to Bricklink for detail pieces, greebles and finishing touches (New word: GREEBLE).

I’ll be showing the complete MOC at the 2019 Bricks LA event in January, and its on my birthday weekend, so that makes it even better.

Anyway, enjoy the pics here, and yes, there are even more over on theMirrorpool!

The crew aboard the Exchelsor 4 have been hard at work building and maintaining their three Thundersuits.

The standard configuration of the Mk IV, variant F features jump capability, long-range gauss cannon, medium range autocannons, gas and acid launchers, manual combat equipment and is shielded from common (and some rare) environmental, electronic and energy weapons.

The station is equipped with a full armory and equipment room.

Robust cooling tanks keep the reactor well under control.

Bossman “Jewels” Joneswell reviews realtime sensor feeds.

Can’t go wrong with greebles.

PilotFighter Rex “Shadow Wrake” reviews the latest performance specs from his ‘suit with the aid of Technician Aalvourz.

All runs smoothly aboard the Exchelsor 4, for now…

Overland Art, 12.18

Overland Art, 12.18

Mineral Creek Mistake, 08.18

Mineral Creek Mistake, 08.18