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UTCO Vacation, Part Two, 08.17

UTCO Vacation, Part Two, 08.17

Continued from Part One.

Breckenridge, CO is where we met up with the 200 Series Destination Club (200LCDC) for a few days of more scenic four-wheeling in the area. After the high temps in Moab it was really nice to enjoy some cool weather. 

With more than 30 (not sure of the exact count, perhaps closer to 40 trucks) lined up that first morning in the predawn light, it was a pretty neat few moments to visit with friends, and to meet new ones.

Once the photos were taken the groups lined up in rows and the whole 200 train got underway. That morning there were 4 or 5 different groups in a range of builds from stock up through mild lift and then a number of big builds as well. Our group on the first day was 5 or 6 trucks, an ideal size and we ran Mosquito Pass (appropriately named) and then Birdseye Gulch. Green, lush forests forever. After those trails we wandered over to Leadville and explored the town, its coffee shops and an old church with large stained glass windows. 

There was an art fair happening in Breckenridge that weekend as well, so we had a nice time wandering through the booths and saw some favorites, especially some stained glass work by Moun-Tin Designs and some tiny little painting collages called Treenie Weenies. We wrapped the day with a tasting at the Continental Divide Winery tasting room and picking up light dinner snacks at a nice cheese shop / charcuterie.

The next couple of days were nice wheeling days with only occasional technical sections and LOTS of great views. We ran Webster Pass, up Saint Johns and then back down the Middle Fork of the Swan. Wonderfully full days.

The next day we began the trek back home and we made our way through back through Utah and stopped in Springdale, right outside of Zion, NP. Up early the next morning we spent a few hours in the park enjoying the sights and our escape from the OC.

Along the way we gathered wildflowers and pressed them into a little notebook. That will be something we do with each trip from now on. We've seen LOADS of wildflowers this year and wish that we would have collected more along the way. It was a great week+ together and we're already scheming about another trip through Southern UT in the spring.


And if you're in the mood for a little fun, we shot some new Lego Expedition pics, follow on IG @legoexpeditions!

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