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UTCO Vacation, Part Three - Landscape Photos, 08.17

UTCO Vacation, Part Three - Landscape Photos, 08.17

Continued from Part One and Part Two.

I wanted to share some of my favorite "real" shots from our trip in one final post. These are pushed to some degree for color and clarity. We were blessed with great skies for nearly the whole trip and only a bit of rain and a touch of hail. 

Overlooking the Utah Badlands

On the horizon

Gold and Blue

Along Hwy 12, an all-time favorite drive

Never miss a chance to visit Goblin Valley, even if you're running out of time...

While we were out on our exceptionally long day in Moab we were blessed with a spectacular sunset from up on top of Golden Spike.


Can't wait to get back! Hope you enjoyed the pics, there are even more over on my photo site, and naturally I can have any of them printed larger if anyone is interested. 

Caesin Painting Explorations, 9.17

Caesin Painting Explorations, 9.17

UTCO Vacation, Part Two, 08.17

UTCO Vacation, Part Two, 08.17